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Wellness and Ergonomics

ERGONOMICS: Ergon(work) Nomos(law)

Blending the workplace to the worker (not the other way around), consider the match between person and the equipment they use. Ergonomics solutions in the workplace can help to reduce stress, fatigue, and chance of injury.

AlianzaDuffy is focused on providing quality and focused wellness resources to its clients and end users. The office is the home away from home so it is important to maintain a level of comfort that is able to cultivate productive and healthy work habits.

Ergonomics and wellness go beyond physical interventions, and AlianzaDuffy is prepared to offer social and cognitive interventions to reinforce a wellness focused environment.

Bringing Wellness to you!

AlianzaDuffy is a full service dealer now offering ergonomic assessments to help protect the minds and bodies of end users. We are staying up to date on the current literature and practices to promote a fruitful employee experience.
Sam Reinhart Headhshottemp

Sam Reinhart

Sam is AlianzaDuffy's resident ergonomics and wellness hero. As an account executive and wellness specialist, Sam helps to ensure your new workspace is specially tailored to your ergonomic needs with MillerKnoll's catalogue of adjustable task chairs, desks, and workstations.

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